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ria bailey

    MAD CRAB GLASS ART, is a small independant studio, situated within the beautifull landscape of West Wales.The studio offers an intensive 10 hour course in the basics of stained glass work,,, you will produce your first design & go home with your finished work of art! Mad Crab offers original designs, for new WINDOWS & DOORS, restoration work on old designs,, suncatchers, kelidescopes, wonderfull range of fun stuff! FLOOD YOUR LIFE WITH COLOUR AND LIGHT



by ria bailey

handcrafted , original design, using textured glass combined with smooth art glass and jewells, this window hanging`s beauty is in the combination of natural materials, and vibrant colours. Hung on beach combed driftwood with black glass crystal beads.

size: 17H 19W inches
quanity: 1


window hanging
by ria bailey

original handcrafted window art, circles of glass combined to create a spectrum of colour, hung from driftwood with clear crystal beads, which create rainbows in the light. A simple & beautifull window hanging.

size: 13H 15W inches
quanity: 1

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