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Rich Rinehart

    American artist and photographer Rich Rinehart seeks out the extraordinary. Using predominantly his medium Format Pentax 6x7 camera, the night and light are his friends. "I am a colorist and seek out to highlight color contrasts in most of my works". He is also a symphonic composer and alternative pop music artist where he applies the same vision "...I really don't care for much classical music, with the few pieces I like being 20th century works. I am a colorist. My main symphonic influences are Ravel, Stravinsky, Martinu, and of course Nine Inch Nails...." Rich concludes: "I think one of the most important realities of successful creativity, is just forcing yourself to see your project or idea through to completion". And with that, welcome to his photographic work.

Artist web address: rinestock.com


Fogged Growth
by Rich Rinehart

Ghosts of trees past protrude from the fog in this Yosemite National Park photograph. This eerie shot, taken of old growth forest that were partially consumed by fire, was taken using a medium format camera.


West 60th Street Ghosts
by Rich Rinehart

Neon red light radiates on a rainy downtown urban street. The picture offers silo wets of street activity, mere ghostly images captured on film. This photograph was taken in downtown Cleveland Ohio using a medium format camera and a long time exposure.
8x10 $24

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