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Valeriy Grachov

    Valeriy Grachov was born in Archangelsk, Russia on January 12, 1949 in the family of serviceman. He graduated from Kievís Institute of Engineering and Construction, the faculty of architecture in 1972.

    He had fifteen personal exhibitions in Ukraine, two in Czech Republic (1994-1995) and also participated in 3 exhibitions together with other painters. The number of works belongs to some private collections in Ukraine and abroad, especially in Russia, USA, Germany, France, Finland, and Czech Republic.

    The paintings render authorís impressions collected from travels in Crimea, Caucasus, Pamirs, Tien Shan, Himalayas and also perennial experience of studying the cultures of India, China and Japan.

    As a painter and graphic artist he is involved in architecture and design of small forms. He has been also mastered computer graphics professionally for past few years.

Artist web address: www.valeriygrachov.kiev.ua


Himalayas mountains 020
by Valeriy Grachov

canvas, oil

size: 75H 220W inches


Pamirs Mountains 100
by Valeriy Grachov

canvas, oil

size: 75H 150W inches

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