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The Artist DARLENE

    DARLENE is a multi-talented artist working out of North Carolina.

    Guided by the power and purity of beauty, the work of DARLENE serves to transfer energy. Her designs are a bridge for understanding important metaphysical concepts.

    As a accomplished designer, sacred-artist, and calligrapher, her work is of the highest caliber. Her most powerful asset is her intuitive application of the principles of sacred geometry. She works intelligently with symbols, understands their significance and uses them powerfully and appropriately.

Artist web address: darlenetheartist.com


Peruvian Cat Tesseract
by The Artist DARLENE

Fun computer-generated art inspired by Peruvian textiles and Escher. Checkout http://www.cafepress.com/darlenesart for more product choices



The Goddess Sekhmet, Ruler of Passion
by The Artist DARLENE

Hail and All Praise Be Unto Sekhmet! Check out http://www.cafepress.com/darlenesart to purchase this image on products.


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