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Susan Wester Perez

    Born In New York city, by the time her family settled in Newton, MA., Susan had lived in New York, New Jersey, California and Tennessee.She left the East Coast in the late 80's and moved to Santa Monica, CA. The quality of light in Southern California made all the familiar colors new again, infusing her artwork with the signature vibrant colors that she still uses today.A love of organic shapes and intense colors is her inspiration She currently lives in El Paso, TX. For more examples of her artwork please visit her website@ www.susanwesterperez.com.

Artist web address: www.susanwesterperez.com


Listening Flower
by Susan Wester Perez

This is one of my favorite shapes, the spiral. Nature does it perfectly, and it is repeated again and again, a shell, a flower, a human ear. Limited edition giclee prints available for $200.00. Contact me through my website if you are interested.

size: 14"H 18"W inches


Wellesley Lake
by Susan Wester Perez

This is from my memory and imagination of a lake near Wellesley college where we used to go swimming late at night. Limited edition giclee prints are available for $200.00, just contact me through my website.

size: 17"H 24"W inches

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