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Linda Paul

    Linda Paul's original paintings are created in pure egg tempera made from crushed stone & egg yolk. Many of the art works are sculptures as well as paintings. She is the only artist in North America with this technique. This medium lasts for centuries.

    Artists Statement
    When asked ‘What is your favorite painting’, artist Linda Paul responds, ‘the next one I am going to paint!”

    Style: When people ask me what style I paint, its a two part answer that does not fits neatly into any one existing category. My work is a combination of "chunky realism" and impressionist painting. I like to juxtapose sculpted bas-relief products of nature (the chunky part) against soft impressionist landscapes of their origins.

    you can see all of her work at www.lindapaul.com

Artist web address: www.lindapaul.com


Tuscany in The Mist by Linda Paul
by Linda Paul

Original Impressionist landscape painting by artist Linda Paul. Features the rolling hills of Tuscany and an Italian villa in beautiful egg tempera

size: 18H 36W 1D inches
weight: 3 lb quanity: 1

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