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Charity Bandason



Came dancing
by Charity Bandason

Made from Opal, 67cm tall. I made it from the inspiration on Michael Jackson's life. I Wondered what would happen if God came dancing?

size: 67H 15W 6D inches
weight: 57 kg quanity: 1


Musical Note
by Charity Bandason

Abstract piece made by my husband. 1.55m tall and is made from opal stone. Life has its musical notes and it varies per person.

size: 155H 33W 20D inches
weight: 82 kg quanity: 1


Not by might
by Charity Bandason

Made from Opal stone. It is not by might that we succeed in everything we do but by the will.

size: 95H 17W 12D inches
weight: 49 kg quanity: 1

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