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Pavel Nikolov

    'One of the most consequential contemporary Eastern European artists.' (Plovdiv Weekly), Bulgarian artist Pavel Nikolov has worked in the medias of etching, oil, illustration & heraldry for over 40 years. Over 20 solo exhibitions in Europe & U.S. Works in: Museum for Contemporary Art, Cairo; Institute for the Arts, Sisily; Intern. Krakow Print Biennale Permanent Exposition; Bulgarian National Museum of Art. Collections: Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Holland, Norway & the U.S. Biennales:1984 Inter. Krakow Print Biennale; 1985 Intern. Leipzig Biennale; 1988 Barcelona Biennale; 1989 Intern. Biella Print Biennale; 1987 Biennale Poznan. Awards include: 1984 Intern. Krakow Print Biennale Etching Award; 1985 Plovdiv Best Contemporary Artist in the area of Etching; 1987 Bulgarian National Art Poster Award; 1988 Critics Award at The Intern. Biella Print Biennale. A certified specialist in the area of heraldry, created city emblems of Rakovski, Simeonovgrad & Plovdiv.

Artist web address: pavelnikolovnikolov.artists.de


Woman with an umbrealla
by Pavel Nikolov

oil, abstract, woman, color

size: 50H 45W inches
weight: 7 lb quanity: 1


by Pavel Nikolov

oil, abstract

size: 37H 32W inches
weight: 7 lb quanity: 1


by Pavel Nikolov

print, etching, abstract

size: 40H 30W inches
weight: 2 lb quanity: 1

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