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Boris Scherbakov

    Boris Scherbakov(1916 - 1995)
    1952 – was awarded with the USSR State Award for taking part in creating the painting “Session of the Presidium of the Scientific Academy of the USSR” together with several artists and for a series of portraits of scientists.

    1973 – was selected as a corresponding member of the Art Academy of the USSR
    1976 - awarded with the title “Honored Artist of Russia”.
    1981 – awarded with the title “People’s Artist of Russia”.
    1986 – awarded with the title “People’s Artist of the USSR”.
    1933-1939 – studied in the Russian Fine Art Academy, his teachers were I.Brodskiy, V.Yakovlev, P.Shukhmin
    The works can be found in the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, several regional museums, many museums of the former USSR, in the White House and the Congress of the USA, in the British Royal family.
    Comes from a dynasty of Russian artists.

Artist web address: scherbakov_boris.paintingofrussia.com


by Boris Scherbakov

Media:Canvas, oil
Size:31.00 x 61.00 cm / 12.4 x 24.4 in

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