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Maritza Jauregui Artwork

    Maritza started painting shortly before her third birthday. She learned how to paint from watching her Father work on numerous projects. During her childhood, she earned many awards working with modeling clay, including a scholarship to go to college. At age 17, Maritza was an art instructor for several institutions and for public schools.

    Throughout the years Maritza became more interested in two-dimensional techniques, from which acrylic is one of her favorite mediums.

    Maritza is a Traditional Artist, Graphic Artist and Web Developer. She produces artwork for selected exhibits, works on commissions and collaborates with private companies to develop brands, logos and illustrations.

Artist web address: maritzajauregui.com


"La Espera"
by Maritza Jauregui Artwork

<p align="left" style="margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt;">My husband and I were driving "Out and About" downtown and we got a red light, right across from "The Tap". I looked through my husband's side window and took a picture. Unaware of what I had captured with my camera, it was to become one of my favorite scenes to paint. The man sitting on the bench, with shiny shoes, and nicely ironed burgundy red shirt, was just a moment in time, relaxing and enjoying the warmth of the midday sun. Who knows, waiting perhaps for a date? One can only imagine, while across the street two other men were waiting to catch the bus. </p>

size: 27H 24W 3D inches

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