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Chinmayi Tripathi

Artist web address: www.songdew.com/


David Abraham
by Chinmayi Tripathi

The Indie album 'The Koniac Net' by David Abraham and his band. The band is also named The Koniac Net. This album has been composed by David Abraham and his band The Koniac Net, in English. All the songs in it will be available via live streaming mode as well. David is a Mumbai based composer who can also be tracked on Facebook and Twitter. The artist is known for his albums that comprise of a mixed mash of Indie and Alternative tunes. The Koniac Net has received several awards and accolades in India, Ireland, Australia, USA etc and has featured in several music magazines, journals and dailies etc.

Fans can tune into the tracks of the album ' The Koniac Net' at http://www.songdew.com/thekoniacnet/songs/


Songdew - Discover New Music
by Chinmayi Tripathi

Songdew is a social networking portal dedicated to connect music enthusiasts and voracious music creators. This fast growing platform is apt for music admirers to find people with similar tastes in music. Moreover, listeners can tune into the latest songs through live streaming, read about favourite bands, buy music and track latest shows and events happening in the country.

For more information please visit: http://www.songdew.com/

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