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Artist web address: www.asharart.co.uk
United Kingdom

by ashar

Layers of red are symbolic of the inner turmoil that reaches us in the night. From the darkness come the doubts and confusions leading to wakefulness. Hope reveals its presence by peeling away at the layers looking deep within to find the light

size: 24H 24W 2D inches

don't stop me now
by ashar

Lost in the moment, immersed in the colours; drowning in the feeling that the colours evoke; never wanting to leave that moment. Blues and reds and turquoise
contemporary painting of mixed media on canvas 24" x 20" unframed

size: 24H 20W 1D inches

by ashar

A time of dragonflies humming and wildflowers splashing their colours along the bank, warm and quite refuelling the imagination
mixed media on canvas, abstract painting. 20 x 20" framed 450

size: 20H 20W 1.5D inches

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