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    My art is my hobby-it's the way I think and experiment with ideas and concepts. I try to blend the spiritual and surreal together in unusual ways. I often use omniscient viewpoints to portray just how unusual true vision is and how it takes shape through the distorted perceptions of the human mind and eye. In some paintings I use Native American Micmac heiroglyphics in order to incorporate additional visual communication within the painting. With the use of a scroll provided within each painting one can decipher the script - Maybe Indiana Jones would like these. For the most part I consider some of my work American continental and some modern/surreal.

Artist web address: www.zhibit.org/niriderart


Blue Angel
by Nirider

Acrylic painting on canvas-native american Micmac symbols

size: 28H 22W 1D inches


Desert Gems
by Nirider

Acrylic on canvas native american micmac heiroglyphics

size: 20H 24W inches
quanity: 1


Night Hawk
by Nirider

Acrylic on canvas native american Micmac heiroglyphics

size: 24H 20W inches

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