Europe and BEYOND!


Jim Morrison's grave (ak:  Doors)

Ohhh, by golly it's Jim himself, brought back by
the inherent musical force of the Almost Huemon hat.


Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Have half a
mind to straighten it up in Photoshop...

Mt. Vesuvius Pompeii  "Mightily mountains, raised so far from home" -To The Top

Muse? D'Orsay Paris.  Looks like Cleveland's

Mona Lisa in the Louvre.  Could you
position the hat a little better?  Oh, and
are flashes okay in here?


"NEWS FLASH  -USA music group's flash fades Mona Lisa.  French really pissed"


Maybe the hat should of been raised a little higher...


Louvre courtyard.  Look like the Rock-n-Roll
hall of fame.  What's up with that?


World traveler and Almost Huemon backup
singer Heather Waldron in front of the Arc de


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