Mid-West Region

island grape vinesput-n-bay grapes
Put-n-Bay Grape Vine Row - One of theoldest Wine making regions
in the Unites States.   Complete with a "scare hat" to keep the crows off.

Put-in-Bay Jet Air ferry
Jet Air Express to Put-n-Bay. Lot's of drunks
ride this boat bus.  Put-n-Bayhas got to be one of the
rowdiest, best keep secrets. Really breaks loose on the
summer weekends.

Sue with Dog
Eeerr...  What are you doing tothat dog?

Belly Up at the Bay Award
Put-n-Bay "Belly-Up Cup"

Miller Line
Miller ferry line - Put-n-Bay. For those "real"
islanders.  None of that fancyjet air stuff.

coke ovens
Coke ovens, probably - outside Fairmont West Virginia. 
Secret location.... can't say.... wouldn't be prudent.
Coke Ovens
More coke ovens... we think. "Watch it hat, you'll fall in!"



Coke Ovens
You're in dude.


Minniapolis Minnesota airport.  Northwest 
Airlines thought we should fly from here to Seattle
to get to Reno Nevada.  Go figure.

Dam it looks cold.  You'd have to be Almost Huemon to live here!


Donald and Tamera
"Come-on, Would-ya take the damn picturealready?"

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