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NASA Field Centers
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Plum Brook ammunitions bunker
Here's an old ammunitions bunker at the NASA Plum Brook Station in Ohio.  Cool site that used to
make munitions during World War II and was later given to NASA.   We snapped this shot right
before being escorted out by security.


Plum Brooks Nuclear Reactor
There is a nuclear reactor there, or what's left of it.  No need to 
fear, it's being totally cleaned up.  Note the rows of roads
in the upper right.  More bunker storage.  Great place if
you're a deer in particular.
NASA Plum Brook Station Rocket Lights


Plum Brook Station Sign
The Plum Brook Station Sign.  Visiting this cool facility is like
taking a step back in time.  Many of the rigs and building are
as they were left, after the Apollo heydays days of the 1960's.

space suit

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Astronaut John Glenn
Astronaunt - Senator John Glenn
trying to pretend he doesn't see our
Almost Huemon hat next to him.
NASA Glenn Research Center
at Lewis Field

NASA Lewis Field
We all figure this is the actual "Lewis Field" (the brown area)

icing wing plane
NASA Glenn icing research plane.
Great ice man!

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  Big place. 
It's Almost Huemon too.
Goddard Visitor Center View
Didn't have time to go in and poke around at Goddard.  This is a view from their Visitor Center looking in toward the main campus.


NASA Ames Wind Tunnel
NASA Ames Large Wind Tunnel.  Too bad they can use it to blow out some of the smog...

NASA Ames Hanger
This is like the biggest hanger we've ever seen.  What the
heck they got in there?

NASA Joint Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).  This is their
water fountain (yes, life is tough).  This water "vessel" was also
used for their Martian aquatic eruption simulations (minus the hat).

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