Orlando Florida

WonderWorks - Now here's a wild looking building.  Apparently it landed upside down on another building.
The darnest things happen down here...

And when it landed... this hat got stuck in this tree...

The following was heard over the creaking of the WonderWorks structure:  "This is too weird, let's time travel".  So we sought out the "Institute" for some light ray time travel.  Figured Almost Huemon could handle it just fine, being Almost Huemon and all....

But the gate keeper of the Time Travel Institute, Universal Studios, took one look
at us, listened to our tunes, ... and thought otherwise.  So we had to sneak in.

'I can't give it anymore cuptain, she's going to blow".  So we gave her more.  More bass I believe, as
that's were all good grooves come from any who.  but then we landed here...

At Disney Quest for some multidimensional fun.

"Replay"??  Well all right!  Put another quarter in and let's do some heavy blast'n!

Like psychedelic!  I believe this is a game of Astroblaster, in which
you blast other musical groups that copy/cheat/fake and often dance their way to
fame.  Or something like that.

But what's this.   A warning?  Sounds pretty scary.   Best we stay out?

"Out I say!  No bugs - no pain!"

Okay, so we're in the "hive" so to speak, at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  This is way cool and highly
recommended.  As is popular these Orlando days, this is a full six sense experience.

What trip would be complete without giving a kiss to our drummer at Disney Downtown

Daytona Beach outside the Hawiian Inn.  Pretty dead in November.  No doubt cranking during Spring break!

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