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John Glenn
Astronaut and Senator John Glenn pretending he doesn't see the Almost Huemon Hat next to him....

Mir Astronaut
MIR Astronaut David Wolfe.  He spent 110 
"Almost Huemon" days on the Russian space station 
and  is a honorary member of Almost Huemon.


Mir Space Station
David explaining to us how amplified 
Almost Huemon music, turned up to 11 (one notch
past the highest setting of "10"),  just drove the 
Russian Cosmonauts nuts.


Leslie with guitar
Leslie, showing us a thing or two.  Quite an amazing gal
(and very huemon too).

Francesca.  She is the Vatican Rose.

"...Got to rely on, your eyes to communication your glow.
 'Caus the language, doesn't translate all your goals..."

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