Planes, MicroGravity, F15's and Margarita Ice...

micro gravity plane
The NASA KC135 "Vomit Comet" here in the very Huemon
NASA Glenn Research Center Hanger.  The KC135 is really a military version of
the Boeing 707, this one was built in 1963.  It goes up in the
sky and does loopies, simulating MicroGravity.  Way cool
for getting those really hard guitar chords out.

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aircraft controls with buttons!
Huemon controls of this old bird

cell of the plane for huemon thnings
Here's the test chamber.  We like to get the band together with our
gear and rock out while this plane is doing elliptical over Michigan

space amp is acting up
Dam space amps are getting so complicated...  On
this one the volume control goes up to "11".

runaway plane
The NASA Glenn icing research plane.  We use it to manufacture
and test the utmost clear and pristine Margarita ice.

hat and tie
The red banner says "REMOVE
BEFORE FLIGHT".   Well da, take
the hat down too...


happy trails to you!
Almost Huemon band pilot Dave Beering readies his Beachcraft
Bonanza for our next gig.  Recognize the skyline?

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hat on dashboard
Damn "hat" gauge always reads the same...


usaf rocket
Air Force Thunder Bird Number 5.  This plane
spends most of it's time upside down, so they had
to decal it that way upside-down.... (FAA regulations...)

F15 dangerous vehicle
Two Huemon dudes with the band's F15 musical assault vehicle

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