San Fransisco Area

San Fransisco Trolly.  Don't hitthe darn hat!

 Big Bason Redwoods - California
Deeze trees be big.

 San Fransisco's China Town
    They're peddel'nHuemon Hats

Who framed the Gate?   GoldenGate Bridge

Golden Gate, gated Yosemitte waterfalls, out of focus of

Tomatoes in Modesto.  Man, theygot a lot of them!  Fancinating city.  Total agricultural base.  And
if you like trains, this place hasthem running down the center of their roads!  Also, when there stopby
 El Rosal's for some excellentMexican cooking (actually the one tried was in Salida).

Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz downtown dock.  California all the way.

santa cruz downtown dock


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