Trains ride with Almost Huemon!

Northfolk Southern Train
A Sequahana train on the Northfolk Southern tracks.  Actually, it's the old
Nickel Plate line, captured here in Lakewood Ohio.  The Almost Huemon Band
likes to track down these mammoth beasts.  It's a power thing.

cleveland flats grain train
The Cleveland Flats party train...  You can find this engine, sitting idle waiting for
the lift bridge to lower.

LA trainla railroad
Angels Flight Railroad in downtown Los Angeles.  It is claimed to be the shortest railroad anywhere.
And what the heck, it only costs a quarter...

 Portland Oregon train station tower - SP
Portland Oregon approach to the Amtrack Station.
Way cool lift bridge tracks are about to gone over...

double decker train lift bridge Portland
A double decker lift bridge in downtown Portland.  Took
Huemon a while to figure out that the center section
for the heavy rails can raise without the top
road/light rail section.  Way cool.  

Portland Amtrack Passenger Station

Now inside the station with a passing Burlingtion
Northern in the house.
Portland's very lucky...
and so was Huemon's hat.


Milwaukee Road in Madison Wisconsin.
Reduced to a restaurant these days.

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