Vancouver and British Columbia

Going to Canada always feels different.  Even though it's right next door...
Take their money for example.
The coin here is worth $2.  It is not a quarter and it does not take 5 of these to purchase a cup of coffee (as we
determined after the fact a few days later)
And it's such a sense of power to get more money back for your US dollar when
exchanging for Canadian ones.....  The joy is short lived though, as the Canadian beers cost $5 :-).

A Gaslight Town

Trees having some type of Canadian sex in Stanley Park

Ahhh, what da hell's this?  Smells kinda ratty...

Almost Huemon fountain babe

Good to see they have impeccable "Huemon" taste!

check bridge name... Kings Bridge?

The band was just too damn hot for this northern local..

BC Rail is cool.  Like real live passenger service like God intended it.

Sqamish industrial area.  Must be rough working here with ships, rails and all these
beautiful mountains.

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