Y2K - A Lesson in Survival
The Almost Huemon Band Survival Guide

Y2K crisis - we protected with guns
We had a clear shot out the living room window.  Careful planning of details
like this, enabled our band's survival that night.

Toilet Paper Bartering

2 bottles Dom Perigion for roll toilet paper
During the crisis, we knew toilet paper would be
worth it's weight in gold, so
we stocked up a plenty.  Here's
an attempt by some sweater laden yuppie
to horse trade 2 bottles of Dom Perigion
for 1 roll of our double-ply.
3 bottles Dom Perigion for 1 toilet paper
No go.  Sweetening the deal to 3 bottles of
Dom though, did the trick.  Everyone has
their weakness, ...guess it's 3
bottles for the band.


Expressing Ourselves
Y2K Computer Crisis fixed with guns
30 odd 6 and 12 gauge shotguns.  We were going to keep what was ours.

Ensuring Outside Communications

Y2K 286 laptop computer problem
By planning ahead, we were able to keep our band's
Intel based 286 DOS laptop powered
during the crisis.
Computer generator with wine
We had to keep the generator outside,
which of course left open a
small window of vulnerability.


Duplication of Defenses
Ford Tractor fixes Y2K
Another key was to establish bulk-heads in different physical quadrants.  Here,
we're preparing a protection fire on our Southern flank.

television monitor bugs Y2K repair
The television on the log pile was our video link back to our Y2K command center.
As in any crisis situation, knowing who's watching who is as
critical as the actual watching.  And you can quote us
on that.

Y2K Compliance
Sparkling Wine, fireworks, and skii poles
January 1, 2000.  Mission accomplished  (note red wrapping remnants of
our defensive shield).


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