Almost Huemon

Photo Album

Rich Rinehart - Vocals and master craftsman
Bob Allen - Bass aficionado
Tim Beach - Things with strings
Dan Edwards - Lead guitar

The core of our sound... a Cray Supercomputer.

Rich Rinehart and Tim Beach check the Cray Supercomputer wiring.
This is a lot of power and serious stuff.

It's a bitch plugging into the board.
Dog Tosh
What's that Tosh?  Someone's messing
with the Cray Supercomputer again?
(Tosh sang on "Dog's World")


Meanwhile, bassist Bob Allen
arrives on his musical assault craft

.bob's hat
Bob's the hardest working bassist in the biz..

Sound check.  Looks like we've got it guys.


Dan Edwards doesn't need no stinking supercomputer to make his sound and appears amused at the rest of us.

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