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Yellowstone National Park


It's going to be hard to perform construction with the hot water bubbling across the path.  Lots of sulfur too, with might slow down the effort.  This picture is really for everyone who thinks that the Yellowstone caldera is going to blow.  It was taken during a time of "unusual activity" in 2003.  Hard to perform construction when the activity is unusual.


Aerial view of the Yellowstone basin.

Okay, maybe it's not. click on the image to see:-)



Here's a link to the official Yellowstone National Park site.



Yes Mr. Raven, that would make a fine addition to your nest. Hands off!

Not everything at Yellowstone steams, hisses, or ruptures.  Here's an artist rendition of a Yellowstone waterfall.  Note the near lifelike trees, rocks, and hills.


Ever seen mud boil?  How about pots of mud?
Hot Hot Mudpots


What a big salt lick.

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