Hey look it's a statue worshiping the great "trout" God...  And
an Almost Huemon hat as a sacrifice so there will be many
good years of "trouting".


epcot gardenThe scene is being set.  ahh, Picasso.   Now what kind of trouble can we get into?...

EPCOT Garden Statue with HAT!
Such a lovely, naturally occurring sight...   And in Disney's EPCOT's wine garden of all places...
Who would of thought Disney was into Almost Huemon?


EPCOT German village
Okay, what's wrong with this shot of a quaint German town?
Could it be the real human legs in the background?
Or the giant Almost Huemon hat in the foreground?

Tusker House EPCOT
Guess where this was taken from.   Epcot or another Disney treasure?
Tusker House actually.  Hat in the bottom left window.


From the EPCOT Canadian Gardens...  These Canadians (?) are sooo gullible....:-)
We think they found the hat as some kind of nutty treasure.


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