Los Angeles
For spendingas much time as
we do in LA,Huemon sure doesn't
have very manyshots.  Have to
fix that.... The tune Midnight Rites,
however, waswritten while on a
caffeine buzzon LA freeways.
real audio RealAudio MidnightRites (LA Rites)

Los Angeles Mount Wilson Observatory
On the road to Mount Wilson Observatory- Los Angeles
California.  Looking for someHuemon sites.

Los Angeles California Travel
San Something or other mountain - LosAngeles California

Highway 1 California
More signs...  How unlike California to be so
restrictive.  This one is off of Highway 1.

  Hollywood Movie Projector
Hollywood nights...  Hollywood huemon projector.


Hollywood Star Sid
Almost Huemon is grateful too, for all our footprints
everywhere, mostly however, in thesand...
Hollywood Star Sidewalk
And for our very own Hollywood Star.

Palm Springs Tram
Okay, not inLA but close.  The Palm Spring Tram.
An excellent, excellent view of.... well nothing.
Palm Springs Mountain Tramway
Amazing our Huemon hat stayed there for
the ride.

hoover dam -cold water
Hoover Dam  - Utah side.  Uh... watch your step or something..

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real audio RealAudio MidnightRites (LA Rites)


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