ZION National Park

The Narrows

Zion Narrows warning sign.  DANGER!
The narrows.  Slot canyons at their best.  Our Almost Huemon crew checked this one out one
afternoon from the bottom up.  Everything was cool until it started thundering and raining...

narrows slot canyon
About 70% of the time you're hiking in water in the Narrows.  This
photo has some rare Narrows vegetation (and dry spots).  You do not
want to be trapped in here during the many flash floods.  The sky
could look clear but rain up stream can quickly raise the water level to
a deadly state.

Narrows Slot Canyon - Zion Park
"We claim this "slot" in the name of Almost Huemon"

Angels Landing
Angels Landing - Zion course
The course.  It's something like a 1500 foot climb, the last 500 feet of which is shown here.


Angels Landing pass - Zion
A closer up view of the last half. Now, it may look like you're hiking on a shear rim, with sides that 
drop 1000 feet down, but 
can that really be?

all roads are not the same
A very Huemon sign,
somewhere up on the hill.


Use the chains here!
Okay, Okay.  So there's that element of danger involved.
Actually, quite a bit of it.  But there's chains
in the rougher spots.  Just don't look down.

Overlooking where we've been
The top half of this hike is not exactly a "groomed" trail.  Actually, with all the
lawyers the US cranks out, we were amazed at the danger of it all.

A foot view from the top
A foot hold view from the top.

Peak claimed for Almost Huemon!
We proclaim Angels Landing hence be referred to as
"Almost Huemon Landing"

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