Recording Michael Schneider
performing Ocean Depths
Rich with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson
Humbly with Neil Armstrong
with Astronaut and (ex)-NASA
Administrator Charlie Bolden
in the NASA Glenn GRUVE VR Lab
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By day Rich (AZooNY) Rinehart is a manager of Computational Sciences and Emerging Technologies for DB Consulting at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  His passion is working within the Glenn Graphics an Visualization Lab (GVIS), a leading-edge scientifically focused visualization group.  By night he spends his time as a singer/songwriter, composer, producer, and multimedia specialist. 

Musically, he has composed three symphonies, numerous soundtracks for video, and has released two Alternative Rock CD’s of original music, the most recent being Nuts under his artist name “AZooNY.

Rich is also President of the GRAMMY award winning Cleveland Chamber Symphony (and GM for NEOSonicFest, a Northeast Ohio New Music Festival) and on the Board of Cleveland’s Verb Ballets, Cleveland’s leading contemporary dance company.

In his current Mars Opera project, Rich inserts new technology into the show production, an element sure to capture tech-savvy and young audiences.  “I want to keep the technology demands on the production staff to a minimal, but it does require a few high-tech elements not usually found in traditional theater”.

A love for science and the arts combined with a good dosing of comical wit has guided the creation of his Mars Opera.  “I’ve got it all:  dance, science, social media, symphonic and rock-n-roll music, space aliens, and all in a light-hearted and wacky comical presentation.  It’s really not an opera but more a musical or technically a play with music.”  And a wacky presentation it is, somewhat in the Loony Tunes, British-wit comical style.  “To be clear though, I’m not doing this for pure entertainment.  I have a motive.  I wish to have folks think more and come together.  Laughter is the secret sauce, science and fantasy the hook, and drama and music the emotional glue.”