AZooNY Band

Nuts Album

The AZooNY Band is the creation of Cleveland area singer/songwriter Rich Rinehart. “I’ve written a lot of songs”, states multi-instrumentalist Rich. “I feel I have something to say, and music is a kinder, gentler way to project societal thoughts, observations, and commentary”

Besides writing and performing the music, Rich also produced the Nuts CD. “I do a bit of symphonic composing and to me, producing a pop style record isn’t really that much different than composing a symphony. I enjoy exploring the minutia of details in every little hair of the music. It’s part of the fun.”

And on the song creation process Rich notes “My song writing almost always starts with something cool going on with my acoustic guitar. Lyrics happen when they happen, and somehow they meld up with the acoustic guitar ideas without much effort at all. I don’t follow any musical song formulas per se, but rather allow the songs to develop where they are destined to lead”.

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