Las Ranas Symphony – (The Frogs)

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Las Ranas Symphony (The Frogs)
by AZooNY

For orchestra and audience
Duration:  14 minutes ca.
Full score available
1122-2120, 2 percussion, 2 harps, strings and audience
A very large Thailand frog that starts and ends the piece 

La Laguna – Mv1 (The Lagoon)
Arroyos – Mv2 (Rivulets)
Caudal de Base – Mv3 (Base Flow)
Las Marismas – Mv4 (The Marsh)
Hidrosfera – Mv5 (Hydrosphere)

During the piece, the audience is asked to participate using Thailand frog noise makers and cricket clickers.  A surround sound environmental experience is the result.

Audience participation.  During Movements IV and V the audience can help to create a surround sound “rain-forest” experience by using cricket clickers and Thailand “frog-back” noise-makers.  The conductor should instruct the audience before performance on what to expect, to watch for conductor queues, and in general rehearse them just a bit.  They should be instructed to use their noise devices sparingly, perhaps once every 6-12 seconds and to do so in a way as to not disrupt others around them.  Less is more and to please not start all at the same time!  The Thailand frog can be played in one direction or back and then forth – frog like:-)  The final note in the piece has the audience making an all-together single sound.  This too should be rehearsed.

Interested parties please contact me!  This looks to be a lot of fun and to highlight the plight of our world rain forests all the meaningful.

Please consider following and/or donating to help preserve the world’s rainforests. Here are of few of the larger organizations working towards this end: