Richard (AZooNY) Rinehart – Composer – Producer & Multi-Media Specialist

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The AZooNY Band
Ocean Depths Symphony in NASA Virtual Reality Lab
Flats at Transformer Station

Verb Ballets dances to the Cleveland Flats Symphony at the Cleveland Museum of Art's Transformer Station

Cleveland Flats Symphony
Cleveland Public Theater (CPT)
Ocean Depths Symphony
FLATS over the FLATS

The Cleveland Flats Symphony with Verb Ballets performed at INGENUITY inside a bridge, over the Cleveland Flats:-)

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This site serves as an index to the artistic creations of Richard (AZooNY) Rinehart. It’s repurposed, as Rich ran an “Artist on the Web” searchable site here previously for many many years.  Ahh . . . way before Facebook and others, I’m afraid to remind myself.  Well, it’s hard to get everything done – so much to do so little time!

Current thoughts:

Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy captivated my imagination many years ago.  With my unavoidable interest in the unknown and 0uter space and in comedy too, I couldn’t put it down.  Fast forward 20 years or so later.  The essence of Adam’s creation has never really left me.  While my Mars Opera has no relationship at all to the writings of the Guide, the Guide itself helped build a foundation, or world viewpoint, if you will, as to how I view the Galaxy around us.

I’ve had other strong influences that played a part too.  Like the multitude of technical discussions that I attend on things like anti-matter drives and space-time travel, my time working at the NASA Glenn Research Center, and of course, my attraction to anything that has blinky lights on it.

As a stand-alone effort, the Hitchhiker’s Guide has a very deep cult following.  I’m part of that cult:-).  If you’re a fan of these types of things (and blinky lights), you may like my Mars Opera as well.

– AZooNY